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300M Wireless WiFi Repeater WiFi Extender Long Range Wireless WIFI Signal Booster Wireless Network Internet Repeater EU

300M Wireless WiFi Repeater WiFi Extender Long Range Wireless WIFI Signal Booster Wireless Network Internet Repeater EU

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Brand Name: other

Max. LAN Data Rate: 300Mbps

Origin: Mainland China

• High-Speed WiFi Repeater :Experience seamless internet connectivity with this WiFi repeater that offers a maximum LAN data rate of 300Mbps. Ideal for large homes or offices with weak internet signal.

• Long Range Signal Booster :This wireless WiFi repeater ensures comprehensive coverage by enhancing the signal strength over a long range, eliminating dead spots in your home or office.

• Easy Installation :With its user-friendly design, this WiFi extender can be easily set up without the need for professional assistance. Simply plug it in and enjoy better WiFi signal.

• Durable Construction :Originating from Mainland China, this WiFi repeater is built with high-quality materials, guaranteeing durability and longevity for long-term use.

• Compatible with Other Brands :This versatile WiFi extender is compatible with other brands, making it a practical choice for those who prefer to mix and match their electronic devices.

• European Plug Design :The European plug design of this WiFi repeater ensures easy compatibility with European outlets, providing a hassle-free usage experience.

300M signal enhancer: The signal enhancer provides a speed of up to 300Mbps, allowing you to enjoy a fast and stable internet connection.

4 antenna router: The router is equipped with 4 antennas, providing a wider coverage range, ensuring that you can connect to the internet from anywhere in your home.

WPS function: With WPS function, you can easily connect your device to the internet without entering a password or complex settings.

802.11n standard: Routers follow the 802.11n standard, which provides faster and more reliable internet connections compared to the old standard.

Working voltage: 110-220V

Transmission rate: 300Mbps

Network port: 100M * 2

Supports router, relay/AP modes

Protocol is 802.11 b/g/n

Color box size: 20*9.2*7.3cm

Gross weight: 148g

Net weight: 75g

Specification: EU


1.The most important step is the second step. Select the WiFi name of your own router from the list below, then go back to the top and enter the superior wireless password. If you want the correct password, you can proceed to the next step.

2. After setting it up, you cannot rush to connect to this hotspot. You need to wait for the third one to light up before connecting, because after setting it up, it needs to match the data signal with the router. If you rush to connect, it will interrupt his network data, otherwise the matching will not be successful.

3. The product specification is EU, not applicable to US. Please purchase carefully according to the pins!


Q: Do I need to plug in a network cable to use a repeater?

A: When expanding the signal of the repeater, there is no need to plug in a network cable. It is directly inserted into the socket to receive the router's signal and transmit wireless signals

Q: Is one repeater sufficient for having multiple rooms at home?

A: If it is necessary to fully cover multiple holiday WIFI signals, it is necessary to add an appropriate number of repeaters according to the specific environment

Q: Is the network speed faster when using a repeater?

A: Repeaters can expand the coverage range of wireless signals, but cannot increase network speed

Q: How to place the repeater?

A: The optimal placement of a repeater is between the router and the desired expansion location, which is equivalent to placing it in the middle and receiving signals before transmitting them to the desired location. The specific placement depends on the actual usage situation

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Customer Reviews

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Alice Schumm

It arrived in good condition and fast, I just need to install it and see that it works well

Tremaine Krajcik

Common delivery (buy 3 get free delivery) and as usual the parcel arrived relatively quickly but with packaging in very poor condition. Fortunately, the Wi-Fi repeater is in good condition. Not yet tested. There is a quick setup and usage instruction written in Chinese and English. I will provide further information when I get it up and running. I am happy with the product so far.

Scotty Bergstrom

It is good because the product is cheap, but it will be better if the power cord is in accordance with the standard of the Korean product.
It's too loose to use.

Ignatius Hoeger

Even though I called it wrong because it was with European entry but it works perfectly, amplifying the Wi-Fi signal effectively and easily configured. I can now enjoy a stable connection in all areas of my home!

Lorenzo Effertz

It’s working excellent!! I really I’m satisfied !