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433MHz Remote Control Car Key Garage Door Gate Opener Remote Control Duplicator Universal Copy Garage Universal Garage Control

433MHz Remote Control Car Key Garage Door Gate Opener Remote Control Duplicator Universal Copy Garage Universal Garage Control

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Brand Name: other

Frequency: 433 MHz

Package: Yes

Wireless Communication: RF

Use: Electric Door

Support APP: No

Origin: Mainland China

• 433MHz Remote Control :The 433MHz remote control ensures a stable and reliable connection between the garage door opener and the remote control.

• Universal Copy Garage Universal Garage Control :This product is a universal garage control that can be used to open and close garage doors and gates.

• Electric Door Wireless Communication :The electric door feature allows for easy and convenient access to your garage without the need for a physical key.

• Package Included :This product comes with a package that includes everything you need to get started with using the remote control.

1. Clearing method: Press and hold the "A" key and the "B" key at the same time, the LED indicator will flash three times. Release the pressed "B" key, and the "A" key will not be loosened. Click the released "B" key three times, and the LED indicator will enter a fast flashing state. At this time, all the data in the memory will be cleared. After the data is cleared, the LED indicator of the remote control will not light up no matter which key is pressed.

2. Copying method: One is to hold the original remote control, the other is to hold the copy remote control. The two remote controls should be as close as possible (ideally, the two remote controls should be placed close to each other on the desktop at zero distance). Press the buttons required for copying respectively. The LED indicator lights flash quickly for three times and then flash quickly. Copying is successful. The operation method of other buttons is the same. Some remote controllers have low transmission power, so the original remote controller and the copy remote controller should be operated back-to-back to copy each other. If there is interference in some operating environments, the interference operation should be avoided. If the copy is not easy, the copy should be repeated after the code is cleared. (Especially important: the remote control on your hand must work normally and have the same frequency of 433MHZ as our remote control)

3.This product can replicate a remote control and is equipped with the following chips: 2260 (all manufacturers), 2262 (all manufacturers), PT2264, 5326 (all manufacturers), SC5262, HT600, HT680, HT6207, HT6010, HT6012, HT6014, SMC918 series, 527 (all manufacturers), 1527 (all manufacturers), 2240 (all manufacturers), HCS101, HCS200 HCS201 (some codes), HCS300 HCS301 (some codes), some microcontrollers

If the normal operation of copying fails, you may need to check if your device has the chip on it.

If the IC chip cannot match, it will not be copied. Please verify the chip model before purchasing.

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Customer Reviews

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Cindy O'Connell


Marion Barrows


Jayson Blick

Super, cloned me alarm and automatic gate. I recommend it

Adeline Lehner

I did not stop blinking red, defective wine, they returned my money but I asked for another like it because there are few universal ones and I don't know how many mh The issuer has

Jadyn Witting

Good product purchased several times. On the other hand, the notice is almost illegible. At another supplier it was much better.