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Advanced Surveillance kIT: 8pcs H.265 4K PoE Cameras with Person/Vehicle Detection, 16CH NVR (8MP/4K) and 4TB HDD for 24/7 Recording - RLK16-800D8

Advanced Surveillance kIT: 8pcs H.265 4K PoE Cameras with Person/Vehicle Detection, 16CH NVR (8MP/4K) and 4TB HDD for 24/7 Recording - RLK16-800D8

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The RLK16-800D8 is a smart surveillance system designed for 24/7 monitoring in 4K Ultra HD. Here are some key features:

### 1. Identify True Threats
   - **Person/Vehicle Detection:** The cameras have the capability to differentiate between humans and cars, providing a targeted approach to threat identification.
   - **Accurate Alerts:** Instant alerts are sent when the system detects potential threats, ensuring timely notifications.
   - **Without Subscription:** The system offers accurate alerts without the need for a subscription service, providing cost-effective security.

### 2. See Finest Details in 4K
   - **High Resolution:** Each camera captures images at 3840x2160 resolution, offering four times the clarity of standard 1080p cameras.
   - **Detailed Imaging:** The high resolution allows users to observe crucial details such as faces, packages, logos, and license plate numbers.
   - **Audio Recording:** Built-in microphone enables audio recording, adding an additional layer of evidence.
   - **87° Viewing Angle:** The cameras provide a wide viewing angle of 87° for comprehensive coverage.

### 3. On Guard at Night
   - **Night Vision:** Infrared LEDs enable night vision, allowing the cameras to see up to 100ft in low-light conditions.
   - **3D DNR Technology:** Reduces image noise for clearer footage, enhancing the overall quality of nighttime surveillance.

### 4. Simple PoE Setup
   - **Power over Ethernet (PoE):** Simplifies installation by allowing a single Ethernet cable to connect each camera to the NVR, providing power, audio, and video simultaneously.
   - **Plug & Play:** Easy setup with a straightforward plug-and-play configuration.
   - **Reliable Connection:** Wired connection ensures a stable and reliable network for consistent performance.

### 5. Reliable 24/7 Recording
   - **Pre-installed HDD:** The system comes with a built-in Seagate 4TB HDD, providing reliable storage for continuous recording.
   - **Up to 12TB Total Storage:** Supports a total storage capacity of up to 12TB, offering ample space to store days or weeks of video feeds.
   - **No Extra Fees:** The large storage capacity eliminates the need for additional fees associated with cloud storage.

### Additional Note: Resolution
   - **Cameras:** 3840x2160 (8MP)
   - **NVR:** Supports resolutions up to 4096x3072 (12MP)
   - **HDMI/VGA Output:** Various output resolutions supported for flexible display options.

The RLK16-800D8 is a comprehensive surveillance solution that combines advanced features, high resolution, and reliable storage for effective 24/7 monitoring and threat identification.
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