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Global Version Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Blood Oxygen Monitor 1.62'' AMOLED Screen 16 Days Battery Life

Global Version Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Blood Oxygen Monitor 1.62'' AMOLED Screen 16 Days Battery Life

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Brand Name: XIAOMI

Compatibility: All Compatible

Band Material: RUBBER

Waterproof Grade: Life Waterproof

Activity Tracked: Distance Tracker

Activity Tracked: Steps Tracker

Origin: Mainland China

Category: Wristbands

Function: Passometer

Function: sleep tracker

Function: Blood Oxygen

Function: Calendar

Function: Heart Rate Tracker

Touch Screen: Yes

Language: chinese

Language: English

Language: Russian

Language: Spanish

Language: POLISH

Language: Portuguese

Language: Turkish

Language: Italian

Language: FRENCH

Language: german

Language: Norwegian

Language: KOREAN

Language: japanese


Language: HEBREW

Global positioning: none

Metrics measured: Heart Rate Monitor

Metrics measured: Blood Oxygen Monitor

Metrics measured: Sleep Monitor

Metrics measured: Stress Monitor

Screen Type: None

Bluetooth-compatible Version: 5.1

Screen size[mm]: 1.62''

Screen Style: AMOLED

Color: Black, Gold

Screen: 1.62'' AMOLED Display



Weight: 27g with strap

Dimension: 48*22.5*11mm

Display: AMOLED

Screen Size: 1.62"

Resolution:192 x 490, 326 PPI

Screen brightness:Up to 600 nit

Ambient light sensor: Yes

Water resistant level:5 ATM

Wrist strap material:TPU

Wireless connectivity:BT5.1 BLE


3-axis accelerometer + 3-axis

gyroscope sensors

PPG sensor

Colorful Watch Faces:200+ different colorful watch faces, also include
fun games watch faces.

Battery: LiPo, 190mAh

Standby time:16 days for normal use, 6 days AOD use

Charging time: About 1 hour

System requirements: Android 6.0,iOS12 or above

Supported App: Mi Fitness

Package contents:

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 x1

User guide x1

Charging cable x1

Please note: This one is Xiaomi Band 8, not Xiaomi Watch

*Except the Running Clip, all the accesories are not Xiaomi brand. please refer to the actual product you received

Xiaomi Smart Band 8

Fresh fashion

Metallic midframe

Available in Champagne Gold and Graphite Black

A selection of stylish straps

Choose your perfect match

New Running Clip mode

Professional running experience --On your

marks, get set, go!

Fun watch faces

Relaxation and entertainment on your wrist

Comprehensive health management

Your personal health consultant

Makes life easier

A battery that lasts

Typical usage mode 16 days

AOD mode 6 days


Soft touch

Dynamic movement

on your wrist

A higher refresh rate delivers a super

smooth experience, with eye-catching operation and swipe motions.

Stepless automatic brightness adjustment with pre-cise

adaptation to the ambient brightness.

Whenever you raise your wrist, the brightness will adjust to the perfect level that is

also gentle on your eyes

1.62" AMOLED

60Hz Refresh rate

326 PPI

600 nit

*The Xiaomi Smart Band 8 features a pill-shaped display design that sits within a

standard rectangle Measured according to the standard rectangle, the diagonal

length of the screen is 1.62 inches

New quick-release design

Completely redesigned with a sleek texture

The Xiaomi Smart Band has been upgraded with a new quick-release mechanism

that not only allows you to easily switch be

tween different strap designs and materials, but also allows you to remove the strap entirely.

The eleqant body features a stylish metallic finish, now available

in two new midframe colours: Champagne Gold and Graphite Black.

A selection of stylish straps

A new generation that embraces the

"freedom of fashion"

The new quick-release mechanism offers even more possibilities to express

your style,

with a range of strap designs and materials - and even a brand new neck

lace design.

*Comes with a black/white TPU strap as standard. Other straps must be purchased separately.

*Sale subiect to the release date shown on the official website.

Leather strap

A classic design that goes

with everything

High-quality imported calf leather for

a soft, comfortable feel. The green ch

eck pattern is a classic and versatile d

esign for any occasion.

Double-wrap leather strap

The bold all-rounderr

Want something that reflects your

style? Look no further than the dou

ble-wrap leather strap.The black and

white double-wrap design perfectly re

flects your bold personality.Whether

dressed up or down,this strap makes a

real statement.

*If the second strap sits under the

watch, this may affect the

accuracy of functions such as heart

rate, blood oxygen, sleep

and PIN

Fashion chain strap

Leather and metal come together

Stylish leather and metal make this

strap the star of the show.transform

ing the metallic watch into a fashion

able chain bracelet.The unique chain

design not only makes the Smart Band

liahter and more comfortable.but the

stylish look means it is sure to become

your go-to accessory.

*Loose straps may lead to deviations in

health or exercise data

Braided strap

Stay cool in summer

Lightweight,breathable and minimalist

the braided strap is perfect for summer. Available

in bright Citrus Yellow or understated Olive Green.

so you can choose to blend in or stand out from

the crowd. Premium leather and rivet details comple

ment your trendy summer looks

Pendant Stylish smart pendant

The new quick-release mechanism elevates

the strap toa new level, while the pendant accessory

together with the matching exquisite necklace watch face

transform the Smart Band into a piece of"smart"jew-

ellery,all while providing time and step-counting func


*Pendant accessories are retail accessories and must

be purchased separately

*Due to the nature of how a necklace is worn, there

may be deviations in the accuracy of

the step counter

TPU strap

The sporty one

Made from skin-friendly TPU this soft,smooth and

waterproof strap is the perfect all-round

er.Whether sweating or swimming, the vibrant colours

make it easy to match to your athletic style.

*Comes with a black/white TPU strap as stan-

dard.Other straps must be purchased separately.

Hundreds of fashionable faces to

express your unique style

More than 200 new fashionable watch faces with

exclusive always-on display to give you a constant

source of inspiration for your outfts.With a wide

range of straps and pendant acces

sories, as well as a variety of official matching CP

watch faces,you can always fnd a unique combi

nation to match your style.

*Based on the watch faces

available in the Mi Fitness app.

Fitness your way


Over 150 sport modes

to suit your preferences

New Running


A more professional workout

New feature: Running Clip Mode gives you a more

professional running experience.It not only moni

tors reqular running data,but also provides 13 pro

fessional stats such as stride frequency, stride

length,ground contact time and impact force,as

well as professional interpretations of the data.

And we've designed dedicated accessories to en

hance your experience even more: Running Clips

allow the Smart Band to be easily attached to your

shoe laces,for professional training at any time.

*Clip must be purchased separately

*The watch face must to be oriented towards you when attaching the

Running Clip. Incorrect orientation will affect the accuracy of the data.

Switch to [Running Clip Mode]

You can enter Running Clip Mode from the Smart Band or mobile app.

Remove the Smart Band strap, fitit into the Running Clip and clip it

onto your shoe laces.

Real-time monitoring

real-time adjustments

In the Mi Fitness app, start walkingrunning or cycling. As you run, you

can check your stride frequency stride length, impact force and

impact style, making it easy to adjust your running form in real time

Specialist data for detailed


At the end of your run, you can view all the specialist data in the

app, as well as dedicated metrics and interpreta

tions of data to help you make fur-

ther improvements.

Vitality score

Evaluates your currentstate of

physical vitality and converts it into a vitality score basd

on the moderate to vigorous ac-tivity you have done over a 7-day period*

Smart Companion Mode

Prefer to run with a partner

Smart Companion Mode shows you the difference between your posi-

tion and the set pace in real time

On-wrist running courses

Choose between 10 built-in

running courses with different

training intensity to suit your

own physical condition and

athletic experience.

*Refer to the WHO Guidelines on Physical Activity and Sedentary

Behaviour for recommendations on exercise

Adults should do at least 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic physical activi

ty; or at least 75-150 minutes of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity;or an equivalent combination of

moderate- and vigorous-intensity activity throughout the week to see

substantial health benefts.

Comprehensive health management

24-hour online protection

All-day heart rate monitoring

Automatic monitoring and

abnormal heart rate alerts

Scientific sleep monitoring

View daily sleep quality reports

All-day stress monitoring

Relaxation prompts for high

stress levels

Fun and  smart

Little Egg: Fun watch face

Boredom busters

Don't be fooled by the small screen When bore-

dom. strikes,choose a fun watch face to take you

away from a dull monent

Multi-screen smart connecting

Smartphone settings such as quick pop-up

window pairing,message notifica

tions, do not disturb mode and schedule

can be synchronised with your watch in

no time.

*The quick pop-up window pairing feature is

only supported on some

Xiaomi smartphone models with the latest

software version updated;

the auto-synchronising of do not disturb mode

is only supported on

Android 11.0 or higher: the schedule synchron

ising is only supported

on MIUl smartphones and iOS Calendar app

Please make sure to

upgrade the frmware and software to the

latest versions.

New fast charging and

an extra-long battery life

Ready to help all day

With the fast charging upgrade, your Smart

Band can be fully charged in just 1 hour.

Typical usage extends the battery life to 16

days, whilst the watch can last up to 6 days

in AOD mode, so you can just get on with life.

16 days Typical usage mode*

6 days AOD mode*

Superior water

resistance to 5ATM*

Waterproof to 5ATM*, so there's no need to

take it off for swimming. Dive in, stress-free.

Alarm settings|Weather updates|Focus|Event reminders


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