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GPS tracker with power connection to universal obd car connector

GPS tracker with power connection to universal obd car connector

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This mode is ideal if you don't need real-time tracking of the locator on the map, but are happy with just its current location. In this way, you can also achieve the best possible battery savings in the locator. The locator (as set) remains in sleep mode and wakes up only when you want to know its location or its status.

You will detect the locator or send the appropriate command to it and you will immediately receive an SMS with information about the battery status, current speed, latitude and longitude and map links. After clicking on the button, you will see the current location of your locator on the map.


If you want to have a detailed overview of the movement of the locator, you choose this mode. After the correct setting of the locator, you can monitor the movement of the locator in real time, view the history of the movement for any period of time, set the GEO-plot and use many other functions in the smartphone application or in the computer browser.

All the setup is very easy, but we will do it for you if you are interested. You will receive the settings, including access to ONLINE tracking, free of charge from us. So you can monitor one or more locators without a monthly fee under one account.


With real-time locator tracking, you can also get a log for the vehicle where the locator is located. You can easily generate mileage or fuel consumption for any period in the system. You can create a log log for each locator separately or a summary for all your active devices.

You can then download the data electronically in .xml format and save it to your computer.


You can also use the locator as protection against theft. With a simple SMS command or in the ONLINE tracking management, you can activate an unwanted movement alert. As soon as the vehicle moves, you will receive an SMS alert message or the smartphone app will alert you of the movement (depending on the current setting).


If you activate the GEO-Fence function, you can set the area where the locator can move by default. As soon as you leave this area, the locator will notify you of the situation.


- OBD port connection and power supply
- in real time movement
- GPS WITHOUT location
- GPS + GSM distinction - Motion view of history - GEO-fence function
- Motion
Warning - the number of revolutions
warning - Low Battery warning
- Shock Alarm
- Sleep Mode for maximum battery saving

Technical specifications:

- Size: 53 x 46 x 23mm
- Weight: 45g
- Network: GSM / GPRS
- GPS chip: UBLOX
- GPS sensitivity: -159dBm
- Working temperature: -20 to + 55 ° C
- Battery capacity: 150mAh

The package contains:

GPS816 Locator

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