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MR-1000 professional digital dictaphone for journalists

MR-1000 professional digital dictaphone for journalists

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Professional Digital Recorder MR-1000 with Unparalleled Standby Time

The MR-1000 dictaphone stands out as an advanced model tailored for journalists, boasting the world's longest standby time after sound detection, thanks to its Super Voice Operated System (SVOS) function, lasting up to an impressive 110 days. Designed with a sensitive microphone and the capability to create voice memos, this dictaphone ensures a professional recording experience.

Developed by the renowned Korean company Esonic, the MR-1000 is equipped with a cutting-edge energy-saving system (SVOS). This innovation allows the device to remain on standby for up to 110 days after sound detection, and in normal mode, it can operate for 30 hours. Tailored for journalists who prioritize high-quality recordings and professional functionality, the MR-1000 stands as a testament to Esonic's commitment to excellence.

Key Features of the MR-1000 Digital Dictaphone:

  1. SVOS (Automatic Recording after Sound Detection): The innovative SVOS feature is designed for energy efficiency. It initiates recording upon sound detection and switches to sleep mode if no sound is detected for approximately a minute.

  2. Password Protection: Secure your dictaphone with a PIN code to prevent unauthorized access.

  3. PCM Recording: The device supports PCM recording in Wave format, offering superior sound quality compared to standard formats. PCM ensures sound quality twice as good as the standard audio format.

  4. Teaching Function: Equipped with a function for repeating fragments and controlling the playback speed, the dictaphone is suitable for educational purposes.

  5. LCD Display: The compact digital dictaphone features a convenient LCD screen that displays information about the recordings.

  6. Convenient Power Supply: Powered by 2 AAA batteries, the dictaphone can also be connected to a computer via a USB cable. Additionally, it has an input for a DC 5V power pack, allowing operation without batteries when connected to an external power supply.

  7. Calls Recording: With a linear input, the dictaphone enables the recording of phone calls, both from landline and mobile phones.

  8. Formatting: Easily and quickly format the mini dictaphone MR-1000 to delete all sound files.

Experience the epitome of professionalism with the MR-1000 dictaphone, offering unmatched features for journalists seeking excellence in recording technology.

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