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Smart ultra-thin mini GPS locator tracking device tag location wallet tracker men finder Apple iphone find my airtag card

Smart ultra-thin mini GPS locator tracking device tag location wallet tracker men finder Apple iphone find my airtag card

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Brand Name: ZUIDID

Origin: Mainland China

Ultra-thin 1.9mm GPS Find My wallet tracker

*GPS Find My worldwide tracking   *Slim 1.9mm thickness   *Built-in rechargeable battery   *RFID blocking

*Works with iPhone/iPad/iPod/Mac/Apple Watch    *IPX 67 water-proof     *Notify when left behind

*Prevent the device from being used for malicious tracking

Function: worldwide location+RFID blocking function

Connection: ① Bluetooth connection, used for short-range induction search

②Apple Find My network connection (used worldwide)Positioning search)

Shell: PVC material, environmental protection and durability.

watperproof: IPX67

Standby time: 3-4 months

Battery: 100mA, chargeable

Sensor: acceleration sensor

Speaker: built-in speaker with sound of 70-90dB.

Product size: 85.6 * 54 * 2.0mm .

Product weight: about 13g

System requirements and compatibility: ①Apple ID installation ②iOS 14.5 or

newer iPhone and iPod.Touch model ③ Install iPadOS 14.5 or newer iPad model.

Operating environment: Operating environment temperature: −20°C to 60°C

(−4°F to 140°F)

1. Find the device:

Click the "Call" button in the application to make the device ring and find it easily by

sound. 70dB-90dB reminder:Find things easily.

2, disconnection reminder:

When the phone and the device are disconnected, both of them will give an alarm to

remind you to take the phone or items.

3. Location history:

When the device is connected or disconnected from the phone, the application will

record the location. The disconnect location will help you find.Go to the location of the

lost item.

4. Reminder of lost items:

When your belongings and mobile phone leave the Bluetooth range for a period of

time, the mobile phone will prompt a pop-up window.

5. Lost and Found Office:

If the device is lost, you can declare it lost in the application. When another application

user enters the lost setting.When you open the application, you will receive the found

location in the application.

6. Siri shortcut key:

Turn on Siri Shortcut, and voice management makes the device ring and be smarter.

7. Multi-equipment management:

In general, a mobile phone can bind up to 16 devices and 7 Bluetooth devices online

at the same time. Bluetooth device Will not affect each other.

8. Prevent malicious stalking:

If someone else's "Find My Device" is following you, iPhone will remind you

Ultra-thin Smart Card Tracker / Locator

1.9mm thickness, world's thinnest smart locator.

Apple MFi Certificed Tag

Compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple watch

The Apple MFi program ensures that these accessories

meet Apple's standards for quality, compatibility, and performance

Slim as Your Credit Card

Product size: 85.6 * 54 * 1.8 mm

Product weight: about 13g

Tracking Your Wallet in Real-time on Phone

also support tracking by Siri

Global Locating with Apple Find My

No network or data require

What is Find My Network?

The Apple Find My network is a crowdsourced network of hundreds of millions of Apple devices that use Bluetooth wireless technology to detect missing devices or items nearby, and report their approximate location back to the owner using the Find My™ app on iPhone®, iPad®, Mac®, iPod touch®, or the Find Items app on Apple Watch®. The entire process is end-to-end encrypted and anonymous, so no one else, not even Apple or the third-party manufacturer, can view a device’s location or information. The Find My network also includes features to guard against unwanted tracking.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

Standby time: 3 ~ 4 months

Charging with Type-C, charger adapter is included

Notify When Left Behind

With Notify When Left Behind, your iPhone will alert you when you leave a supported wallet tracker accessory at an unknown location

IPX67 Water-proof

Package List:

1 x card tracker, charger adapter x 1, user manual x 1

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