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Transparent Gyro Fingertip With Light Luminous Colorful Luminous Finger Pressure Reduction Toy

Transparent Gyro Fingertip With Light Luminous Colorful Luminous Finger Pressure Reduction Toy

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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Origin: Mainland China

Recommend Age: 18+

Recommend Age: 14+y

• Transparent design for easy visibility :The transparent design of this fidget spinner allows you to easily see what's inside, making it a unique and interesting toy.

• Light Luminous Colorful Luminous Finger Pressure Reduction Toy :This fidget spinner features a light luminous colorful design that can help reduce finger pressure and provide a calming effect.

• Suitable for ages 14+ :This fidget spinner is recommended for ages 14 and up, making it a great gift for older kids and adults who enjoy stress relief toys.

• Reduces finger pressure :The unique design of this fidget spinner can help reduce finger pressure, making it a great tool for those who suffer from hand fatigue or stress.

Product Information


1.Stress relief entertainment: Fidget spinners are stress relief toys that can help people relieve stress, relax their body and mind, and increase entertainment and fun.

2.Reaction training: Fidget spinners require the coordination ability of fingers and wrists, which can help people train reaction and hand-eye coordination abilities.

3.Improved concentration: Using fidget spinners requires concentration, which can help people improve their concentration and attention, and enhance learning and work efficiency.


Product Name: Luminous Fidget Spinner

Commodity material:environmentally friendly PVC material, resistant to falling and not breaking

Commodity size: about 7.5*7.5CM (center size]: 2CM

Commodity color: multi-color optional [packing method]: simple box

Product features: Carry it with you, decompress, quit smoking, quit gambling, stay away from mobile phones

Notice: You need to turn on the light switch so that the light will turn on. The light has 3 modes.


Do not put the spinner in your mouth or ear, as this small toy can be accidentally swallowed or inhaled, causing choking or other injuries.

Do not throw the spinner at other people or animals to avoid injury.

If the spinner makes strange noises or friction while spinning, stop using it immediately. Check if the spinner is damaged or needs repair.

Avoid using the spinner in overcrowded or narrow areas to prevent hitting other people or objects.

Keep your fingers dry and clean when using the spinner to ensure good spinning performance.

If the spinner needs a battery replacement, follow the instructions and comply with the correct safety procedures.

Avoid exposing the spinner to high temperatures or sunlight to prevent damage to electronic components and plastic casing.

In summary, when using a luminous finger spinner, it is important to maintain safety awareness, follow the instructions, and avoid unnecessary harm and damage.

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Customer Reviews

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Cecile Jones

very good quality

Lucinda Miller

It's funny.

Pat Anderson

value for money

Diego Bartell


Shad Skiles

Amazing toy, everyone likes it, it works beautiful😃🤪👌