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Ultimate Portable Companion: USB Power Bank Audio Recorder with 150-Day Standby

Ultimate Portable Companion: USB Power Bank Audio Recorder with 150-Day Standby

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Unleash Your Imagination: Experience the First 336-Hour Battery-Operated Audio Recorder!"

Introducing the Ultimate Portable Companion: 336-Hour Battery-Operated Audio Recorder and Power Bank!

Get ready to embark on a recording journey like never before with our state-of-the-art audio recorder. Designed to meet your every need, this compact device doubles as a reliable portable charger for your smart devices.

Using this audio recorder is a breeze. Simply activate it with a flick of the dial, and you can choose between continuous or voice-activated recording modes. With a fully charged battery, you can enjoy a remarkable 336 hours of continuous recording, or switch to voice activation mode for an impressive standby time of up to 150 days – that's a staggering five months!

Measuring under 3.7 inches in length, this portable recorder is significantly smaller than most power banks available today. Its built-in magnet allows you to easily mount it on metal surfaces, expanding your placement options. Whether you're at home, work, or school, this versatile device is the perfect companion.

Our included software provides convenient features to enhance your recording experience. Time and date stamp your recordings for easy organization, and switch between HQ (High Quality) and XHQ (Extra High Quality) sound modes to achieve superb audio playback. Downloading your recorded files is quick and hassle-free; simply connect the device to a Windows or Mac computer to access your recordings.

Unleash your creativity and capture every moment with the USB Power Bank Audio Recorder and Power Bank. It's time to make your recordings come to life!

 How Does the Power Bank Voice Recorder Work?

Operating the power bank voice recorder is incredibly straightforward. Just follow these simple steps, and you'll be recording in no time:

Flick the Dial: The device features a user-friendly dial that controls the recording modes. You'll notice a straight line and dots on each side of the on-off switch. The line represents continuous recording mode, while the dots indicate sound activation mode.

Choose Your Mode: Depending on your preference, move the switch to either position – the line for continuous recording or the dots for sound activation mode. This allows you to customize the recording experience according to your needs.

Connect to Your Computer: The power bank voice recorder comes with a convenient cable that plugs directly into the USB port of any modern computer. You can use this cable to both charge the device and listen to your recorded files.

Compatibility: The device is designed to be compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems. To ensure accurate evidence gathering, remember to set the date and time on the recorder.

Playback and Management: After recording, you can easily play back your files on your Windows or Mac computer using the included media player. This allows you to review and manage your recordings with ease.

With its intuitive functionality and compatibility with popular computer systems, the power bank voice recorder simplifies the recording process and provides convenient playback options. Experience the effortless way to capture and manage your audio recordings!

Why Choose the Power Bank Audio Recorder?

There are several compelling reasons why our Power Bank Audio Recorder stands out from the rest:

  1. Dual Functionality: This device serves as both a voice recorder and a fully functional portable charger. With the ability to recharge your smart devices on the go, it seamlessly blends into various environments such as home, work, or school. It's the perfect choice when you need a covert audio recording solution for specific situations and encounters.

  2. Unbelievable Battery Life: The battery life of this recorder is truly exceptional. It boasts an impressive 336 hours of continuous recording or up to an astounding 150 days in standby voice-activation mode. Additionally, it features a built-in 16GB memory, capable of storing up to 576 hours of audio recordings. The battery life indicator ensures you can quickly recharge the device before important events. Moreover, there are no recording indicator lights, making this device even more discreet compared to other audio recorders.

  3. Easy Operation: The one-touch dial on this recorder allows for instant continuous and voice-activated recording. Each file can be conveniently date and time-stamped for evidence gathering and organization using your Windows or Mac computer.

  4. Enhanced Flexibility: Equipped with a detachable magnet, this device offers greater placement flexibility. You can securely attach it to any metal surface, expanding the recording possibilities. Additionally, the included software enables you to adjust the sound quality from HQ to XHQ mode with a simple mouse click.

  5. Seamless File Management: Exporting recordings to a Windows or Mac computer is a breeze. You can easily play the files using your computer's included media player, facilitating quick and convenient saving or deletion when necessary. With its realistic design and full functionality, this audio recorder stands as one of the most reliable options available.


  • Recording conversations, school lectures, and business meetings
  • Capturing verbal abuse incidents at home, work, or school
  • Documenting interactions for child custody or divorce cases
  • Recording interactions with law enforcement
  • On-the-go recording or as a dictation device
  • Functioning power bank for charging cellphones, tablets, and other USB devices


  • Easy file transfer to Windows or Mac computers
  • Date and time stamp for evidence gathering
  • Adjustable record quality settings (XHQ or HQ) for improved sound quality
  • 5-hour recharge rate
  • Built-in 16GB memory (576 hours in HQ or 288 hours in XHQ mode)
  • Detachable magnet for quick and secure placement on metal surfaces
  • Up to 336 hours of continuous recording in HQ mode, up to 288 hours in XHQ mode, or up to 150 days in voice-activation mode
  • Clear voice recording with embedded amplified mic
  • Switch between voice-activation and continuous recording mode
  • Sleek design resembling an ordinary USB power bank for added discretion
  • Simple design with no recording indicator lights
  • Audio pick-up range of 40 feet in optimal conditions
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