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Ultra-Thin Professional Mini Voice Recorder Sound Activated Dictaphone HD Noise Reduce Recording Portable MP3 Player

Ultra-Thin Professional Mini Voice Recorder Sound Activated Dictaphone HD Noise Reduce Recording Portable MP3 Player

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Balanced Out: Yes

Brand Name: other

Model Number: Q1

Voice Activated Recording: Yes

External Microphone: Yes

Package: Yes

Playback Formats: MP3

Playback Formats: WAV

Playback Formats: WMA

Dimensions (WxHxD): 43*23 * 5mm

Origin: Mainland China

With Speakers: No

Record Audio Format: WAV

External Memory: No

Choice: yes

• Sound Activated Recording :The recorder automatically starts recording when it detects sound, making it easy to capture important moments without having to press any buttons.

• HD Noise Reduce Recording :The recorder uses advanced noise reduction technology to ensure that your recordings are clear and free from background noise.

• Ultra-Thin Design :The recorder is incredibly thin, making it easy to carry around and use on-the-go.

• Professional Quality Recording :The recorder uses high-quality recording technology to ensure that your recordings are professional-grade and suitable for use in any setting.


product information

Model: Q1

Colour: Black

Battery: Environmentally friendly polymer lithium battery

Recording time: about 13 hours

Playing time: about 8 hours

Recording method: record when power on / save when power off

Recording format: WAV

Music format: MP3/WMA/WAV

4GB can save 48 hours of recording

8GB| Can save 96 hours of recording

Sampling rate: 48KHZ

Product size: width 23mm x height 43mm x thickness 5mm


1: OTG directly connected to the mobile phone to download, connect to the OTG adapter, you can play and manage the recording files on the mobile phone

2: Automatically save when power off. When the system detects that the power is insufficient, the recorder will automatically save the file in advance and then automatically shut down to ensure that the recorded data is not lost.

3: 18h uninterrupted recording, 30 days long standby, built-in high-energy polymer lithium battery and a new generation of power The intelligent energy-saving system is small in size, but can meet your recording needs

4: Large-capacity U-disk function, large-capacity U-disk storage function, built-in 8G/16G/32G large memory, no need to worry about recording storage space

5: Built-in time chip, intelligent time stamp, built-in time chip, with automatic time synchronization function, can be used as a time basis, convenient to browse and find files

Package Included:

Recording pen * 1[including data cable * 1, headset * 1. Manual * 1]

Memory:Built-in 8GB/16GB/32GB for option

8GB storage of recording files for 96 hours16GB storage of recording files for 192 hours32GB storage of recording files for 384 hours

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