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UNI-T LM100A: Laser for Precise and Contactless Distance Measurement

UNI-T LM100A: Laser for Precise and Contactless Distance Measurement

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The new series of laser distance meters LM A enables accurate distance measurement. You can easily measure area, volume, addition, subtraction and more with them. These measurement tools allow storage of 99 sets of data and are used in interior and exterior design, construction, factory inspection, engineering inspections, real estate development and more.

**Certificates:** RoHS

**Screen Size:** 2.0 inches

**Range:** 100 m

**Display type:** LCD

**Display unit:** Minimum display unit: 0.001 m

**Units of measurement:** m/ft/in

**Accuracy:** ±(2mm + 5 x 10^-5D)

**Laser class:** II

**Laser type:** 2: 630 ~ 670 nm, ≤1mW


- Single measurement: Yes

- Continuous measurement: Yes

- Max/Min/Area: Yes

- Capacity: Yes

- Measurement according to the Pythagorean theorem: Yes

- Addition/Subtraction: Yes

- Self-calibration: Yes

- Spirit level: Yes

- Data storage: 99 groups

- Automatic shutdown: 3 minutes of inactivity

- Automatic laser shutdown: 30 seconds of inactivity

- Storage temperature: -20℃~60℃

- Working temperature: 0℃~40℃

**General Features**

- Power supply: 1.5V battery (LR03) x 2

- Product color: Red and gray

- Product size: 122 mm x 52 mm x 29.5 mm

- Standard accessories: Carrying case"

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