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UNI-T UT18D: A reliable voltage and continuity tester for your needs

UNI-T UT18D: A reliable voltage and continuity tester for your needs

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The UT18 series is designed to test AC/DC voltages, 3-phase voltages, phase sequence, continuity and more. This series is categorized as CAT IV 600V and meets the IP65 standard. These voltage testers are the perfect tool for electricians to quickly measure voltage in any environment. However, this device should NOT be used in conjunction with 110V electrical systems.


- Voltage (V): 6V - 5V±1V; 12V - 8V±1V; 24V - 18V±2V; 50V - 38V±4V; 120V - 94V±8V; 230V - 180V±14V; 400V - 325V±15V; 690V - 562V±24V

- Phase rotation test: 57Vac~400Vac (3-phase), Frequency: 50Hz~400Hz: Yes

- Single cable voltage detection (L2): Working voltage: 100V~690V, Frequency: 50Hz~400Hz: Yes

- Continuity test: Resistance: 0Ω~100kΩ (+50% accuracy), Beep and LED light: Yes

- RCD test: Working voltage: 230V (50Hz~400Hz): Yes

- Polarity detection: Positive and negative: Yes

- Self-check: All LED or LCD: Yes


- Voltage indication: LCD

- Over voltage: Voltage range: 713V~788V: Yes

- Automatic standby mode: Standby current<10μA: Yes

- Silent mode: Full range: Yes

- Working light: Yes

- Low battery indication: About 2.5V: Yes

- LCD backlight: Yes

- LCD screen (voltage): 6V~690V, ±(1.5%+5)

- LCD screen (frequency): 40Hz~400Hz, ±(3%+5)

- Protection IP65: Yes

General features:

- Power supply: 1.5V battery (R03) × 2

- Screen: 73.5mm x 35.5mm

- Product color: Red and gray

- Net weight of the product: 280 g

- Product size (W x H x D): 272 mm x 85 mm x 31 mm

- Batteries included

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