Sound recorders of miniature dimensions for several days, weeks of recording with voice detection

Sound recorders of miniature dimensions for several days, weeks of recording with voice detection


Compact sound recorders, also known as Dictaphones, offer extended recording capabilities spanning days or weeks with voice detection functionality. Ideal for documenting meetings, interviews, lectures, and statements, these devices can record in areas up to 100 m2, overcoming obstacles like walls and furniture. The convenience of pocket-sized recording allows for easy use, triggered by the detection of sound or voice.

Our Dictaphone sound recorder activates only when it detects a voice, conserving battery life and organizing the archive with audio recordings only. The stick design with a built-in rechargeable battery enables continuous audio recording for a full 24 hours per charging cycle, storing up to 288 audio recordings with its 8 GB capacity. Usage is permitted for personal purposes and within the bounds of the law, with any other use considered a crime. Notably, even high-end spy device detectors priced at €15,000 or more cannot identify this USB recording key.

In practical terms, these two recommended sound recorders stand out as the best. Their independent battery eliminates the need for connection to a computer or phone during recording.


Our best-selling flash drive recorder has received an upgrade, featuring voice activation, a 25-day standby life, and 24-hour continuous recording. Beyond being a powerful audio recorder, it serves as a USB drive, allowing seamless storage of important files for work or school, presenting itself as an inconspicuous thumb drive.

Switchable between voice-activated and continuous recording modes, this device offers 8 GB of memory and adjustable sound quality settings, accommodating up to 288 hours in HQ, 144 hours in XHQ, and 24 hours in PCM mode. Simple connectivity to any computer via USB port facilitates easy playback, file viewing, and storage. No special software is required, as recordings are in MP3 format and playable with the included media player on Windows or Mac computers.

The user-friendly design includes a half switch for mode selection, and setting the date and time is easily accomplished when connected to a computer. With a fast 2-hour charging time, this device offers flexibility and unparalleled convenience for recording needs.


This portable audio recorder boasts a one-touch recording switch for seamless transitions between continuous and voice-activated modes. The built-in rechargeable battery allows for 24 hours of continuous recording or up to 25 days with voice activation. With 8 GB of flash memory, customizable recording quality settings, and date/time stamping for organized evidence gathering, it provides versatile functionality.

Ideal for recording conversations, lectures, meetings, and more, this device can also be used as a storage device. Transferring files is efficient, and the recorder can be charged while connected to a computer or USB power source, ensuring unlimited recording power.


  1. Active: Offers live listening with the option to turn on/off callback when sound is detected. Quality depends on the network when a SIM card is inserted.

  2. Passive: Allows continuous recording or activation when sound is detected, with adjustable volume settings. Records sounds up to 10 meters away and is suitable for various environments.


Our range includes both traditional and discrete voice recorders with recording times of up to 18 hours. These recorders are equipped with their own battery, offering sensitivity and flexibility for different recording needs, from lectures to hidden meetings.


Digital voice recorders, replacing outdated tape recorders, offer advantages such as smaller size, increased storage capacity, and superior sound quality. Recordings from different distances are available for evaluation, ensuring informed purchases.


  • Easy transfer of recordings to Windows or Mac computers
  • Date and time stamping for evidence gathering
  • Customizable recording quality settings (PCM, XHQ, HQ)
  • Clear voice recording with a built-in amplified microphone
  • One-touch manual switch for discreet recording
  • Fast 2-hour charging speed
  • Voice activation mode with up to 25 days of battery life
  • Suitable for various recording environments with a 40-foot sound detection range
  • Records when connected to a computer or powered USB port

For those seeking a reliable, versatile, and inconspicuous recording solution, our USB audio recorders offer advanced features and quality performance.


Spy voice recorders, designed for discreet audio recording, offer versatile solutions for capturing conversations in various settings. Whether you need to record discussions on the go or in a specific room or vehicle, our range of miniature spy recorders provides an elegant and effective solution.

Functionality of SPY VOICE RECORDER: Using a spy voice recorder is straightforward. Simply activate the device, place it in the desired monitoring space, and it begins recording. When you want to review the recordings, connect the device to a computer and listen to the captured audio. After transferring recordings to the computer and recharging the device's battery, it is ready for further use.

Recording Autonomy of the Spy Recorder: The recording autonomy varies based on the selected model. Basic devices offer around 15 hours of recording, while professional models equipped with SLEEP TECHNOLOGY can provide up to 6000 hours. When selecting a device, choose one with sufficient recording capacity for your needs, as extended autonomy often corresponds to larger dimensions and higher prices.

Differences Among SPY Recorder Models: In essence, spy recorder models differ in recording quality, autonomy, dimensions, and price.

  • MR Models: Simple and cost-effective with recording autonomy of 15-100 hours. Record continuously in Wav format, providing special software for playback to skip silent periods.

  • CR Models: Record in top MP3 format, featuring adjustable sound activation. Incorporate SLEEP technology for minimal battery consumption during silence, resulting in standby times of up to 25 days. Equipped with a coded USB cable for secure data access. Recording autonomy ranges from 75-300 hours in active mode and 1800-6000 hours in standby mode.

  • Special Models: Include unique features like built-in extension cords, disguised as other devices (e.g., mobile phone chargers), or additional functionalities such as GSM listening or GPS location tracking.

Optimal Placement of SPY Voice Recorder: Place the spy voice recorder as close as possible to the desired sound source and away from unwanted noise. In rooms or offices, consider positioning it away from potential sources of interference, such as televisions or radios. Higher-quality CR models can effectively capture whispers at 3m and speech at 10m in quiet environments.

Legal Considerations: Use spy voice recorders only to protect personal property. Installing surveillance devices on someone else's property without consent is against the law.

Audio Recorders for Video Surveillance: Enhancing Security with Audio Data: In modern security systems, video surveillance is crucial, but incorporating audio data can significantly enhance effectiveness. Audio recorders designed for video surveillance offer advanced capabilities:

  • Situational Awareness: Capturing audio alongside visuals improves situational awareness, allowing quick responses to potential threats or events.

  • Event Identification and Verification: Combined video and audio surveillance aids in accurately identifying and verifying events, differentiating between innocent activity and suspicious behavior.

  • Forensic Analysis: Audio recorders contribute to detailed forensic analysis, extracting valuable information for investigations and evidence gathering.

  • Environmental Monitoring: Audio recorders serve as environmental monitoring tools, capturing ambient sounds that may indicate potential threats or hazards.

  • Integration and Compatibility: Seamless integration with existing security infrastructure ensures synchronized playback of audio and video, maximizing surveillance benefits.

Conclusion: Spy voice recorders and audio recorders designed for video surveillance play crucial roles in diverse industries, offering enhanced security, evidence gathering, and situational awareness. Choosing devices compatible with existing infrastructure and adhering to legal regulations is essential for optimal performance.

Portable Sound Recorders in Various Industries: Sound recorders, often referred to as dictaphones, have become indispensable in various industries where sound capture is vital. Key applications include:

  • Music Production: Crucial for high-quality music recordings, enabling clear transmission of vocals, instruments, and other elements.

  • Film Production: Ensures accurate capture of dialogue, sound effects, and music in movies, enhancing the overall viewing experience.

  • Security Systems: Used for monitoring areas, detecting unusual sounds, and storing audio information for security purposes.

  • Journalism and Interviews: Indispensable for documenting interviews, conferences, and news broadcasts, providing clear and accurate recordings.

  • Portable Sound Recorders: Compact and easy-to-use devices ideal for professionals requiring mobility, such as journalists, filmmakers, and musicians.

When selecting a sound recorder, consider factors like audio capture quality, storage capacity, ease of use, durability, and compatibility with external devices. Various features, including volume control, noise filtering, and external device connectivity, contribute to a better user experience.

In conclusion, sound recorders are versatile devices that significantly contribute to high-quality sound recording across various industries. From music and film production to security systems and journalism, these devices play a crucial role in capturing and documenting essential audio information, improving overall user and creator experiences.

USB Audio Recorder - Exclusive Sound Recorder: Our USB audio recorder, named "Exclusive Sound Recorder," boasts impressive features:

  • Memory Capacity: 8 GB
  • Recording Time: Approximately 288 hours (with constant power supply)
  • Battery Operating Time: Approximately 24 hours
  • Standby Time with Sound Detection: Up to 25 days with a sound perception threshold of 60 dB
  • Maximum Number of Shots: 999 shots
  • Dimensions and Weight: 68 x 21 x 11 mm, 14.7 g
  • Battery: 3.7V, Li-polymer 180mA
  • Operating Temperature: 0 - 40 degrees C

Assembly of USB Audio Recorder: The USB audio recorder comprises the following components, as illustrated in the English instructions:

  1. Audio recorder cap
  2. USB
  3. Recorder charging status indicator
  4. Dictaphone recorder
  5. Record button
  6. Dials for setting the recording mode

Charging the Recorder:

  • The recorder features a built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Ensure the recorder is charged before use.
  • Open the cover, connect the USB to the computer or power supply, and the charging light illuminates.
  • Upon full charge, the charging light flashes.

Checking Battery Status:

  • The light indicates three levels of the product's battery for 5 seconds:
    • Turned off: 0-30% battery
    • Flashing: 30-70% battery
    • Lit: 70-100% battery

Setting Date and Time:

  • Connect the recorder to the computer's USB port.
  • Double-click the "Time Setup" file and press Start.
  • When the charging status light flashes and turns off, the date and time are set.

Recording with the USB Audio Recorder:

  1. Continuous Sound Recording:

    • Move the rotary wheel upwards to the " - " sign for continuous recording after 5 seconds.
  2. Sound Recording upon Detection:

    • Move the rotary wheel downwards to the " 𑁦 𑁦 " sign for sound-activated recording after 5 seconds.
    • If no voice is detected within 1 minute, the recording is saved, and the recorder enters standby mode.
    • Reactivated upon new voice detection, with a standby time of approximately 25 days.
  3. Stopping and Saving Recordings:

    • Move the rotary wheel to the middle position to stop recording and save to the internal memory in MP3 format.
  4. Long-term Recording (with External Power Supply):

    • When connected to a computer or external battery, the recorder flashes, then starts recording.
    • Recording time depends on the memory card capacity, offering approximately 288 hours.
  5. Connecting to a Computer for Viewing Recordings:

    • Connect the recorder to the computer's USB port.
    • Use the computer's media player to play recordings.
    • Delete recordings similar to other files on the computer.
  6. Reset (via Computer):

    • Formatting the recorder via a computer resets it to factory settings, deleting all recordings.

Ensure safe removal when disconnecting the recorder from the computer to prevent damage.

In addition, we present a Bluetooth recorder that records phone calls for personal use. The Bluetooth recorder can be used to archive incoming and outgoing calls, providing a practical and discreet solution.

Note: The usage of spy voice recorders is subject to legal regulations, and users must adhere to applicable laws and ethical standards.

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