Acquire a GPS Tracker: Your Comprehensive Guide to Efficient and Ethical Location Monitoring

Acquire a GPS Tracker: Your Comprehensive Guide to Efficient and Ethical Location Monitoring

To embark on the journey of tracking someone's location, your primary tool is a GPS tracker. This compact device can be discreetly positioned inside or outside a vehicle, providing real-time updates on its current whereabouts. It's imperative for the device to efficiently receive and send GPS signals, with top-tier options offering an extensive signal range.

After selecting your preferred device, the next step involves setting it up with your smartphone. At this stage, the crucial aspect to bear in mind is the indispensable need for a GPS tracker. While alternative methods like apps exist, they often lack the precision offered by dedicated GPS trackers.

Furthermore, GPS trackers offer additional features such as alerts and a history of visited places. These versatile devices open up a realm of functionalities to facilitate effective vehicle tracking.

Opt for a GPS tracker similar to the recommended one to ensure optimal performance and avoid other less suitable options.

Cautionary Note
It's essential to clarify that, in most cases, tracking a person's car without their explicit consent is illegal. If the individual is aware of being tracked, it defeats the purpose of discreet tracking. Legally, only law enforcement with a warrant can engage in such tracking.

Certain entities, like used car dealers monitoring customers for skipped loan payments, may use tracking legally. However, actions by stalkers, which involve illegal tracking, are condemnable and, hopefully, not applicable to your situation.

Set Alerts for Specific Locations
Exploit the full potential of your GPS tracker by utilizing features like setting alerts for specific locations. This functionality enables the device to send you notifications whenever the vehicle enters a predefined area. This capability proves invaluable, allowing you to focus on your daily activities while staying informed if any unusual occurrences transpire.

Imagining the peace of mind gained from creating alerts for secluded areas underscores the practicality of this feature. By incorporating this functionality, you alleviate the need for constant manual checks, saving time and ensuring efficient tracking.

Answers to Questions - Concerns about Tracking
**Customer Question:**
"I am interested in a device to track a person, specifically a father with dementia who walks along a familiar route. I'm considering a watch-style device but would appreciate guidance or alternative suggestions. I'm particularly interested in usage methods, need for a SIM card, the tracking mechanism, device readiness, and delivery time."


Regrettably, the watch-style tracker may not be the most suitable due to its size and height. We offer various trackers categorized based on features:

- **Type 1:** Basic models (SMS-based tracking with location, SMS commands).
- **Type 2:** Improved models (online tracking platform with history, extended battery life).
- **Type 3:** Advanced models (tracking platform, mobile app commands, longest battery life).

Detailed information:

**Tip 1 (Basic Model):**
Operates via SMS messages. Example: [Link](

**Tip 2 (Improved Model):**
Features extended battery life (10-14 days) and an online tracking program. Example: [Link](

**Tip 3 (Advanced Model):**
Offers a mobile app for easy activation and deactivation of notifications. Example: [Link](

All trackers require a SIM card, which you can purchase from us. SIM cards should be unlocked, and data transfer must be enabled. We offer an Izimobil prepaid SIM card for EUR 14.95 with a EUR 2 credit. Topping up for EUR 25 extends account validity for 365 days.

A lifetime license for the advanced tracker costs EUR 50. A SIM card is inserted into each tracker and can be purchased from us. Ensure the SIM card is unlocked. The trackers are in stock and can be shipped promptly.

For vehicle tracking, a combination of GPS trackers and tracking platforms is employed. These devices provide real-time location updates, enabling users to monitor vehicles efficiently.

**Key Features:**
- **Live Tracking:** Allows users to track locations in real time using GPS technology.
- **SMS Commands:** Users can send commands to the tracker via SMS messages.
- **Online Tracking Platform:** Some models include a tracking platform for real-time monitoring and historical route display.
- **Extended Battery Life:** Improved models offer longer battery life, lasting 10-14 days.
- **Mobile App Integration:** Advanced models come with a mobile app for convenient activation and deactivation of notifications.

**SIM Card Requirement:**
- Each tracker requires a SIM card for operation.
- A prepaid or subscription SIM card can be purchased separately.
- The SIM card must be unlocked and have data transfer enabled for both local and international use.

**Subscription and Additional Services:**
- A subscription service for live tracking and history viewing is available for

EUR 50 per year.
- This service can be included later, even after the initial purchase.

**Installation and Activation:**
- Before first use, insert an unlocked SIM card into the GPS tracker.
- Turn on data transmission for both local and international use.
- If desired, a prepaid SIM card can be installed for EUR 14.95, including a EUR 2 credit.

**Usage Instructions:**
1. Call or send an SMS message to the tracker to receive real-time location information.
2. View the location on a Google map via the link provided in the SMS message.

**Additional Information:**
- GPS tracking devices are versatile and applicable for monitoring people, cars, bikes, pets, and more.
- The trackers are active and provide live tracking, allowing users to call or send SMS commands to receive instant location updates.
- A subscription service for live tracking and history viewing is available for an enhanced tracking experience.

- Users must comply with local laws and regulations when using tracking devices.
- The trackers are simple to operate and designed for durability, accuracy, and inconspicuous use.

In conclusion, GPS trackers offer a reliable and effective solution for tracking various entities. Whether monitoring vehicles, pets, or loved ones, these devices provide a seamless and accurate tracking experience. Always ensure lawful and ethical use in adherence to local regulations.


1. Continuous Transmission (Full Power): Coordinates are sent continuously, resulting in maximum battery consumption. This mode operates without setting a specific working time for the GPS tracker in the tracking device.

2. GPS Off: The GPS function is disabled when the tracker is stationary, determined by settings under "Time To Sleep." In this standby mode, the tracker can receive commands via phone (SMS) or the online tracking interface. The GPS function activates automatically when the tracker starts moving, minimizing battery consumption.

3. All Off: In this mode, all functions of the GPS tracker, including GPS and GSM, are turned off when the tracker is stationary. Similar to GPS Off, the settings for disabling operation or transitioning to deep sleep mode are determined under "Time To Sleep." It is not possible to send commands to the tracker in this mode, and all functions activate when the GPS tracker starts moving, resulting in minimal battery consumption.

4. Wake Up: In this mode, all GPS tracker functions are turned off, regardless of whether the tracker is stationary or in motion. The transition to the deepest sleep state is determined by settings under "Time To Sleep." Commands cannot be sent to the tracker in this state. The GPS tracker functions activate based on the set wake-up time specified in the settings under "Time To Wake Up." This mode is suitable for users who only need location information at specific intervals, and it is recommended not to set the sleep time to less than 3 minutes.

SIM Card Expiration for Trackers
If your SIM card has expired or is no longer valid, acquiring a new SIM card is necessary. Since the device is set to a specific operator's card, we recommend purchasing a prepaid card from Izimobil (Telekom).

Here are the steps to activate the new SIM card:

1. Insert the new card into the phone and remove the PIN number verification.
2. Send an SMS with the content *181# to activate the card.
3. Enable data transfer or send an SMS to the number 4008 with the content: datahome.

The initial credit on the card is 2 EUR with a validity period of 3 months. For normal tracker use, monthly consumption is approximately 0.5 EUR. Additional funds can be added to the card through various methods, including physical stores, Telekom centers, purchasing vouchers, or online recharge services.

Quick Instructions for GPS Tracking
To remotely monitor the tracking device, insert a SIM card (ensure the PIN is unlocked) with a loaded value of at least €5. Use the command begin123456 to initialize the device and admin123456 followed by your phone number to confirm the designated phone number for message reception.

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