Empower Your Security: GPS Vehicle Tracking for Business Owners, Parents, and Individuals

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Vehicle Tracking Solutions with GPS Technology

For business owners keen on maintaining control over their company's fleet, parents concerned about their children's vehicle usage, or individuals worried about potential theft, GPS vehicle tracking is the ultimate solution.

What is a GPS Tracker for Cars?

A GPS tracker for cars is a compact device designed for installation either inside or outside the vehicle. Typically, it's affixed to the car's chassis using a robust magnet. At our disposal, we offer trackers equipped with their own rechargeable battery and those with a direct connection to the car battery.

How Does a GPS Tracker Work?

SIM Card Requirement:
The GPS tracker functions with a SIM card. You can either insert your existing SIM card or procure an Izimobil prepaid SIM card from us for EUR 9.95, including credit. Opting for our service ensures hassle-free SIM card installation.

Subscription or Prepaid SIM Card:
To enable the GPS tracker's operation, a subscription or prepaid SIM card is crucial. The card must be unlocked (without PIN code verification) and allow data transfer, whether for local use in Slovenia or international use if you plan to utilize the tracker abroad.

Simple Operation:

Call or send an SMS message to the GPS tracker installed in your car.
Receive an SMS in return, providing the current location and a convenient link to a Google map, displaying the precise location of your vehicle.
Additional Features:
Aside from real-time location tracking, our trackers can be customized to notify you whenever the vehicle is in motion.

Live Monitoring and Historical Data:
All our car trackers facilitate subscription-based live monitoring. You can conveniently view the history of your GPS tracker through your phone, tablet, or computer. Premium models of GPS trackers come equipped with integrated monitoring features.

Choose GPS vehicle tracking for enhanced security, efficient fleet management, and peace of mind. Stay connected with your vehicle, regardless of your location, through cutting-edge GPS technology.

In an era where security and control are paramount concerns, GPS vehicle tracking emerges as a powerful solution catering to the needs of diverse groups. This cutting-edge technology not only offers a sense of assurance to business owners, parents, and individuals but also provides tangible tools to enhance safety and control over vehicles.

Benefits for Business Owners:

For business owners, maintaining control over a company's fleet is crucial for operational efficiency and security. GPS vehicle tracking systems empower business owners with real-time insights into the whereabouts of each vehicle in their fleet. This level of visibility enables efficient route planning, monitors driving patterns, and contributes to the overall optimization of transportation logistics.

Businesses can minimize fuel costs, reduce vehicle wear and tear, and enhance employee accountability through GPS tracking. The technology offers the ability to set up geofences and receive instant alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves a predefined area. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses involved in delivery services, transportation, or any industry reliant on a mobile workforce.

Peace of Mind for Parents:

Parents are naturally concerned about their children's safety, especially when they start driving. GPS vehicle tracking serves as a valuable tool for parents to monitor their children's vehicle usage and ensure their well-being on the road. By installing a GPS tracker in the family car, parents can receive real-time updates on the vehicle's location, speed, and even set up alerts for specific events such as exceeding speed limits.

In the event of an emergency or if a parent simply wants to check on their child's whereabouts, a quick query to the GPS tracker provides instant information. This technology not only fosters a sense of security but also promotes responsible driving behavior among young drivers.

Enhanced Security for Individuals:

For individuals concerned about the security of their vehicles, whether due to the risk of theft or other reasons, GPS vehicle tracking offers an invaluable layer of protection. With discreetly placed GPS trackers, individuals can keep an eye on their vehicles at all times.

In case of theft, GPS trackers provide law enforcement with accurate and real-time location data, significantly increasing the chances of recovering the stolen vehicle. The ability to receive instant alerts for unauthorized movements or attempts to tow the vehicle adds an extra layer of security.


In summary, GPS vehicle tracking is a versatile and powerful solution that caters to the needs of business owners, parents, and individuals alike. It goes beyond just providing location data; it offers a comprehensive set of features that enhance security, optimize operations, and offer peace of mind. As technology continues to advance, GPS vehicle tracking will likely become an integral part of personal and business security strategies.


Vehicle tracking has evolved into a pivotal tool across the transportation industry, logistics, and fleet management. Offering precise monitoring and control of vehicle movement in real time, vehicle tracking brings forth a multitude of advantages, fostering improved security, heightened efficiency, enhanced traceability, and optimization of logistics processes.

Real-time Vehicle Tracking:

The vehicle tracking system provides a mechanism for real-time monitoring of a vehicle's location. Utilizing technologies like GPS, constant updates on the vehicle's whereabouts are made available. This persistent awareness enables companies to have a continuous view of their vehicle movements, ensuring adherence to specific routes or schedules.

Vehicle Safety:

Enhancing both driver and vehicle safety, the tracking system can issue warnings for unusual or hazardous driving behaviors such as speeding, sudden braking, or overloading. This empowers companies to take timely measures to prevent accidents and promote safe driving practices.

Efficient Fleet Management:

Efficiency in fleet management is a hallmark of the vehicle tracking system. Companies can meticulously track mileage, fuel consumption, maintenance schedules, and other pertinent vehicle data. This comprehensive oversight facilitates better maintenance planning, route optimization, and a reduction in overall operating costs.

Traceability of Shipments:

Crucial for tracking shipments, vehicle tracking allows companies to monitor the journey of goods from pickup to delivery. This heightened traceability minimizes losses and theft, thereby elevating customer satisfaction levels.

Increased Productivity:

The implementation of a vehicle tracking system translates into increased productivity. Companies can deploy vehicles more efficiently, plan routes with precision, and optimize delivery processes. This not only reduces delays but also enhances delivery speed, ultimately improving overall service levels.

Vehicle tracking has seamlessly integrated itself as an indispensable element of modern business practices. Companies lean on vehicle tracking technology to uplift their operational efficiency, fortify safety measures, and streamline logistics processes. With technology consistently advancing, the trajectory of vehicle tracking is poised to continue its progress, introducing new functionalities and ushering in additional benefits for businesses.


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