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Advanced mini audio recorder: Automatically record when a conversation is detected

Advanced mini audio recorder: Automatically record when a conversation is detected

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Pro sound recorder mini, which automatically records when it detects a conversation, is a device that allows discreet recording of sound in the surroundings. This type of audio recorder is small, portable, and can easily be hidden for inconspicuous recording.


We are thrilled to present our latest version of the best-selling flash drive recorder! Packed with new features and functionality, this discreet and versatile device takes voice recording to the next level. With an impressive 25-day standby battery life and 24-hour continuous recording capability, it is the ultimate tool for capturing important moments, conversations, and ideas. But it doesn't stop there - this innovative device also functions as a standard USB drive, allowing you to conveniently store and transport your essential files for school or work, maintaining its appearance as an ordinary thumb drive.

Designed for convenience and efficiency, this flash drive audio recorder offers both voice activation and continuous recording modes. With a simple switch, you can effortlessly switch between the two, ensuring that you never miss a crucial moment. Equipped with 8GB of memory and an adjustable sound quality mode, this recorder can store up to an astonishing 288 hours in HQ mode, 144 hours in XHQ mode, and 24 hours in PCM mode, providing ample space for your recordings.

Accessing and managing your recorded files is a breeze. Simply plug the recorder into any computer's USB port and effortlessly view, listen, or save your audio files. The best part? You don't need any special software to listen to your recordings. Just use the included media player on your Windows or Mac computer, and you're ready to dive into your captured audio. Additionally, if you need extended recording sessions, you can leave the device plugged into your computer or any powered USB port for unlimited battery life while recording, ensuring that you never miss a beat.

Whether you need a discreet recording device for business meetings, lectures, or personal memos, our USB flash drive voice recorder delivers unmatched performance and versatility. Its compact design and inconspicuous appearance make it virtually undetectable, allowing you to confidently capture valuable audio without raising suspicion.

Upgrade your voice recording experience with our enhanced USB flash drive voice recorder. Its impressive standby battery life, adjustable recording modes, and seamless file management capabilities make it an indispensable tool for professionals, students, and anyone seeking a reliable and discreet audio recording solution. Don't miss out on the power of this cutting-edge device - get your hands on the ultimate USB flash drive voice recorder today!


The Pro USB Audio Recorder is designed for simplicity and ease of use. At the top of the device, you will find a half-wheel switch with a notch and small indicators to differentiate between recording modes. To activate voice activation mode, simply flick the switch to the " .. " position. For continuous recording, flip the switch to the " _ " position. To turn off the device, put the notch back to the middle position.

Downloading your recorded files is incredibly straightforward. Remove the cap and plug the recorder into your computer's USB port. Within moments, a folder will appear on your screen. You can easily drag and drop your audio recordings onto your desktop or into a designated folder of your choice. Once your files are on your desktop, double click to listen to them. No special software is required as all recordings are saved in the MP3 format, allowing them to be played through your computer's included media player.

Setting the date and time is a breeze. Simply connect the device to a Windows or Mac computer. Mac users can create a simple text document to input the information, while Windows users can utilize the time and date software included in the device's memory to synchronize it with the computer's time and date. This software also provides options for adjusting the recording quality for clearer sound and modifying the microphone sensitivity to capture higher or lower volume sounds.

To charge the Pro Thumb Drive Recorder, remove the cap and plug it into your computer or any USB-powered device. With just 2 hours of charging time, the battery will be fully charged and ready to go.


This portable thumb drive audio recorder stands out with its one-touch record switch, allowing you to quickly activate continuous recording or voice-activation mode. With the built-in rechargeable battery, you can enjoy up to 24 hours of recording time in continuous record mode or an impressive 25 days in voice activation mode.

Equipped with 8GB of flash memory, this recorder offers ample storage capacity, accommodating up to 288 hours of audio in high-quality mode. You can easily adjust the recording quality by using the free included software, which allows you to select from PCM, XHQ, or HQ settings, ensuring optimal sound quality in various environments.

One notable feature is the ability to date and time stamp each recorded file, facilitating evidence gathering and organization. Charging the device is hassle-free, simply plug it into any powered USB port for a quick 2-hour recharge. What's more, while the device is plugged in and charging, you can continue to record, granting you even greater flexibility and freedom from battery life constraints.

When it comes to accessing your recordings, connecting the device to your Windows or Mac computer is all you need to do. No special software is required to listen to your recordings; simply use your computer's built-in media player. Furthermore, this USB audio recorder functions as a genuine memory device, enabling you to conveniently store and carry your work or school files, making it an exceptional covert device that serves multiple purposes.

The professional USB drive audio recorder is perfect for various scenarios, including recording conversations, school lectures, business meetings, and instances of verbal abuse at home, work, or school. It can also be used to document interactions related to child custody cases or divorce proceedings. Moreover, this product allows you to record verbal interactions with law enforcement, and its portability makes it ideal for on-the-go recording or as a reliable dictation device. Additionally, it serves as a functional USB thumb drive, allowing you to store and transport important documents securely.


Convenient downloading to Windows or Mac computers
Date and time stamping of recorded files on Windows or Mac computers for evidence gathering
Adjustable record quality settings (PCM, XHQ, or HQ) for enhanced sound quality
Clear voice recording with the embedded amplified microphone
Switch between voice-activation and continuous recording modes with ease
Sleek and ordinary USB drive appearance, perfect for disguising work or school documents
Simple operation with no recording indicator lights
Audio pick-up range of up to 40 feet in optimal conditions
Fast 2-hour recharge time
Built-in 8GB memory with recording capacity of up to 24 hours in PCM mode, 144 hours in XHQ mode, and 288 hours in HQ mode
Recording while plugged into a computer or powered USB port
Versatile power options - utilize the built-in battery or connect to any USB power source for uninterrupted recording
Voice activation mode can extend battery life up to 25 days, while continuous recording offers up to 24 hours off a full charge 

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