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Smart USB Key: Records Only When Activity Detected, Lasts Up to 3 Days on a Single Battery Charge (8 Hours/Day Recording)

Smart USB Key: Records Only When Activity Detected, Lasts Up to 3 Days on a Single Battery Charge (8 Hours/Day Recording)

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Introducing the Ultimate USB Stick Sound Recorder: Crystal-Clear Dictaphone with Intelligent Detection

Experience the unparalleled power of our USB stick sound recorder, delivering crisp and clear recordings for days on end. With its built-in battery, it operates independently during recording, eliminating the need for constant connection to a computer or charger.

This premium sound recorder seamlessly masquerades as an ordinary USB stick, ensuring discreet use. It only requires a computer connection when you wish to listen to or manage your recordings, making it a hassle-free choice. The recorder activates upon detecting any sound or voice, ensuring no crucial moment is missed.

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Upgrade your recording experience with our state-of-the-art USB stick sound recorder today!

Esonic: Pioneers in Covert Ambient Sound Recording Devices

Esonic stands as a trailblazer in the creation of concealed gadgets designed for capturing ambient sounds. Our flagship products include sound recorders ingeniously concealed within everyday items such as USB storage devices, pens, and MP3 players, along with recorders tailored for preserving phone conversations. Esonic's ethos revolves around top-tier functionality, user-friendliness, and unwavering discretion.

Originating in South Korea, our brand has steadily garnered a global following since its inception, thanks to its innovative and reliable solutions. Join the multitude of Esonic enthusiasts worldwide and experience the future of covert sound recording.

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This recorder boasts an impressive 28-hour continuous recording capability on its built-in battery. If you use it with the sound on for 7 hours daily, the battery can power it for up to 4 days of recording. In scenarios where you record for 4 hours a day, you can expect the battery to last for an impressive 7 days.

Recharging the battery is a quick process, taking just 2 hours. If you're in a rush and can't wait, consider having two recorders on hand. This way, you can easily swap them "in the field," while the other one can be taken home for peaceful listening.

For longer recording needs where access to a charger may be limited, we recommend the 7/14/30-day version—a larger recorder concealed within a rechargeable battery. However, if you anticipate more frequent access to the recorder, the USB stick version is the ideal choice, given its compact size.

The recorder also features a sound-activated recording option. With a single charge, it can remain in standby mode for up to 25 days, but in practice, it can record sound for several days with moderate "trigger detection." This combination of features ensures a reliable recording device with crystal-clear sound capture from up to 10 meters away.

navodila za uporabo

The recorder concealed within this USB key becomes your ears when you are elsewhere.

**Professional Class Features:**
- **Impressive Recording Capacity:** With a remarkable 288 hours of recording capacity, this device ensures you won't miss a moment.
- **Long-lasting Performance:** It can run for up to 28 hours in continuous recording mode, and in VOS (Voice Activation System) mode, it offers a standby battery life of 25 days.
- **Continuous Recording While Charging:** When plugged in for charging, it allows for unlimited covert recording.
- **Built-in Software:** Easily configure date and time settings, voice activation sensitivity, and recording quality adjustments.
- **User-friendly Operation:** No need to decipher confusing buttons or lights; simply slide the switch to start and stop recording. Works seamlessly with Mac or Windows computers.
- **Versatile Storage:** Beyond audio recordings, you can save any files you desire on this device.

**Voice-Activated or Continuous Recording:**
- Set the device where you need it, and it will automatically start recording when it detects sound. When the audio ceases, the stealth audio recorder enters sleep mode to conserve battery life and disk space.
- Adjustable Voice Activation Level: Customize the sensitivity to suit the sound environment, ensuring a perfect listening and recording experience.

**High-Quality Recording and Easy Playback:**
- Files are recorded in HD QUALITY MP3 format, with adjustable quality levels (XHQ and HQ). Playback can be done on any audio program, including iTunes or Windows Media Player.

**100% Guaranteed:**
- Benefit from premium US tech support via phone, email, or live chat.
- Enjoy a FREE one-year warranty.
- All manuals, technical support, and product information are available.


The recorder is self-sufficient with its own battery, eliminating the need for constant connection to a computer or socket. It excels in capturing high-quality audio recordings from distances of up to 10 meters, automatically adjusting for varying noise source distances and volumes. Whether the speaker is just 1 meter or 10 meters away, you can hear everything clearly.

With its extended battery life, the EXCLUSIVE flash drive can last up to 25 days in voice recognition mode, while continuous recording extends up to an impressive 28 hours. It's a perfect tool for discreet and reliable audio capture.

Introducing the Ultimate Stealth Flash Drive Recorder: Unparalleled Audio Recording Power

**Professional Audio Recording with Discretion:**
- The world's most powerful stealth flash drive recorder is now available, equipped with professional-grade features.
- Enjoy a remarkable 25-day standby battery life in voice-activated mode and up to 28 hours of continuous recording. For instance, in voice activation mode, recording two hours of sound per day extends the battery life to approximately 14 days.
- This device can record while connected to a power source, enabling limitless covert recording.
- Built-in software lets you set date and time, voice activation sensitivity, and recording quality adjustments (Windows).
- Customize your recording quality settings, choosing between PCM, XHQ, or HQ for superior sound quality.

**Simple One-Touch Operation:**
- No need to navigate confusing lights or buttons. Effortlessly slide the switch to either side to initiate and cease recording.
- Playback your recordings on any Mac or Windows computer.
- Utilize the included "OTG" adapter to listen to recordings on smartphones or tablets supporting "OTG."
- Beyond audio recordings, you can conveniently store any files on this versatile device.

**Voice-Activated Sound Recording:**
- Place the device in your desired location and forget about it. The voice activation feature automatically activates the recorder upon detecting sound. When the audio ceases, the hidden recorder enters sleep mode to conserve battery and disk space.
- The built-in software allows you to fine-tune the sensitivity of the voice activation, ensuring optimal performance in various audio environments.

**Key Features of the Audio Recorder:**
- Extended battery life
- Choice between voice-activated and continuous recording modes
- Built-in control software
- Outstanding 288 hours of recording capacity
- User-friendly operation
- Adjustable recording quality and voice activation sensitivity (Windows)
- Compatibility with "OTG" for versatile use
- Rapid 2-hour charging

**Only the Best for You:**
- At, our mission is to provide you with top-notch surveillance equipment to swiftly and easily address your needs.
- All our spy equipment undergoes rigorous assessment by our security and surveillance experts to ensure quality and user-friendliness. If it doesn't meet our standards, it won't make it to our offerings.
- Our experts have crafted clear and comprehensible product manuals and tutorials for our spy equipment, making the go-to brand for audio surveillance.

**Meet the MQ-U350: Your Reliable, User-Friendly Audio Recorder:**
- This advanced voice-activated audio recording device can resolve numerous challenges and gather crucial evidence, offering you peace of mind and protection.
- Enjoy discreet, high-quality audio recording in voice-activated and continuous recording modes. You have the flexibility to adjust sound quality, set date and time, and fine-tune voice activation sensitivity, making it suitable for various audio environments and situations.
- Despite its compact size, it features an extended battery life and ample memory capacity, allowing you to record up to 288 hours of audio content. Don't be fooled by its small frame; this high-tech audio recorder delivers outstanding performance.


Simplified Date and Time Control Software for Windows

Utilizing the built-in software for date and time stamp configuration is incredibly straightforward. To set the time and date stamp, follow these easy steps:

1. Open the software on your Windows PC.

2. Simply press the start button, and the software will automatically sync with your PC's time, ensuring accurate time and date stamps on your recordings.

Enhance Audio Quality as Per Your Needs:

- The "HQ" (High Quality) setting offers an impressive recording capacity of around 288 hours. This setting is known for its excellent audio quality, suitable for most situations.

- For scenarios where you may require different recording durations or sound quality, consider these options:
- "XHQ" provides a recording capacity of approximately 144 hours.
- "PCM" allows for around 24 hours of recording.

Customize Voice Activation Sensitivity:

- The SVOS (Sound Voice Operated System) level determines voice activation sensitivity.
- The default setting of "0" works well for most sound environments. However, if your environment is exceptionally loud or quiet, you can adjust this setting to capture the specific sounds you want.

For MAC Users:

- While setting up your device and configuring software, the easiest approach for MAC users is to use a Windows PC. You can use the Windows PC for initial setup and configuration. However, rest assured that you can still listen to your recordings on your MAC.
Introducing the MQ-U350: Your Simple, Professional Voice Recorder

**Effortless Operation:**
- On the top of the sound recorder, you'll find a half-wheel switch with a notch indicating its mode.
- Move the switch to ".." for voice activation, shift it to "_" for continuous recording, and return the notch to the center to turn it off. It's as simple as that!

**Two Recording Modes:**
- Enjoy both continuous and voice-activated audio recording modes to suit your needs.

**Seamless Playback:**
- Listening to your recorded files is hassle-free. Just remove the cap and plug the device into your computer's USB port.
- Within moments, a folder will appear; double-click the file to start listening. No special software is necessary since all files are recorded in MP3 format, playable through your computer's media player.

**Mobile Access (For "OTG" Compatible Devices):**
- If you have a phone or tablet supporting "OTG," you can use the included OTG adapter to listen to your audio recordings on your mobile device.

**Easy File Transfer:**
- Transferring files to your Windows or Mac computer is a breeze. Simply drag and drop audio clips onto your desktop or into a new folder you've created, making saving and sharing recordings effortless.

**Versatile Uses:**
- This professional-powered USB audio recorder serves various purposes, from recording conversations, school lectures, and business meetings to addressing verbal abuse at home, work, or school.
- It's also invaluable for recording interactions in child custody or divorce cases and documenting verbal exchanges with law enforcement. Use it on the go or as a dictation device!

**Package Includes:**
- 1 x 8GB voice recorder
- 1x USB wall charger (color may vary - black or white)
- 1 X "OTG" cable
- 1 x instructions
- An easy-to-read quick-start guide and essential tips provided by our product experts.

**Additional Information:**
- Note: The date and time software is compatible with Windows computers. Mac users may need to use a Windows computer for initial date and time setup or text file addition.

**Frequently Asked Questions:**
- Q: How long should I charge the device to get a full battery?
A: 2 hours.

- Q: How can I tell when it is fully charged?
A: The red light will be on while charging and start flashing when it reaches full power.

- Q: What if I don't get a popup when I plug it into my computer?
A: For Windows computers, type "computer" in the search bar near the Windows menu. This will open File Explorer with "MEMOQ" listed under "This PC," containing all your files. For a Mac, use the Finder app in a similar manner.

- Q: Does it require an external SD card?
A: No, it has 8GB of built-in memory.

- Q: Is there a maximum number of files?
A: The maximum is 999 files, and it will stop recording until you delete or move files when this limit is reached.

**Why Choose This Product?**
The EXCLUSIVE flash disk recorder offers exceptional price-to-performance ratio. It surpasses more expensive professional voice recorders in terms of sound quality and recording durability. Additionally, it features excellent camouflage, appearing as a standard USB stick.

Example of audio recordings made with this recording device:


**Customer Testimonial - TJAŠA (Rated 4.5/5 based on 1717 customer reviews):**
"I love how easy it is to use. I've caught someone cheating multiple times, and you can place it virtually anywhere with tape, Velcro, or a magnet. I recommend this product. But be prepared to listen to the whole recording from start to finish. I only left it for one week to gather information. Stay calm, don't get excited, or go crazy. Just get the information and leave the cheater behind. A cheater will always cheat. They try to justify themselves, but in reality, they are NOT good people. I hope to help everyone who is dealing with cheating. Trust your intuition; it's always right! Tjaša"
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