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Electronic Fish Baby Summer Bath Toy Pet Cat Toys Swimming Robot Fish With LED Light Water Swim Pool Bathtub Toys Christmas Birt

Electronic Fish Baby Summer Bath Toy Pet Cat Toys Swimming Robot Fish With LED Light Water Swim Pool Bathtub Toys Christmas Birt

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Item Type: Electronic Pets

Brand Name: NoEnName_Null

Theme: electronic

CN: Guangdong

Material: plastic

Origin: Mainland China

Gender: Unisex

Recommend Age: 3-6y

Recommend Age: 6-12y

Recommend Age: 14+y

• LED Light :The robot fish has an LED light that makes it visible in the water, making it easier to play with and enjoy.

• Water-Friendly :This toy is made of plastic, but it's water-friendly and can be used in the bath or pool without damaging it.

• Unisex Design :The robot fish is designed to be used by both boys and girls, making it a great gift option for any child.

• Electronic Pet :This toy is classified as an electronic pet, which means it can be used as a fun and interactive way to teach children about technology and science.


We've designed our fish toys with automated robotic fins that automatically begin moving around as soon as they're placed into the water. Then when you take them out, they automatically turn off to save power.

* Please Note before Purchasing.

Q: How can I maximize the battery life?

A: Batteries will last longer if you take the toy out of water after 3-5 minutes of use. Installed batteries will last about 20-30 minutes if used continuously. We recommend to place 2 fish in the water, let your cat play first and switch it with other 2 fish after 3-5 minutes, to maximize the battery life.

Q: What kind of battery is used? What is included?

A: AG13 battery. The Robot Fish already has batteries INSTALLED, and we also give away a props water plant . If the battery runs out, you can replace the battery yourself, which is very convenient. Bowl is not included.

Q: Where is the on/off switch?

A: Robot fish is water activated. There is no on/off switch. Fish will automatically start when it is placed in the water, and stop moving when out of water. If the fish doesn't stop, please wipe it with a dry cloth.

These fish toys for cats contain built-in LEDs that flash and light up when turned on. They also feature a robotic fin that moves back and forth, gliding these cat robot fish toys gracefully along the water. With these combined features, our cat toys are great for catching your cat or dog's attention and encouraging them overcome their fear and unease of water to catch and hunt down these fishy fiends.

To use these robotic fish cat toys, simply take them out of the box, then fill a large sized bowl, a sink, or bathtub with water, then gently place the swimming fish cat toys in the water in-front of your cat or dog, then watch as the fish automatically turn on and as your pet quickly become mesmerized by the flashing and swimming fishes.


  • I*LED Fish

  • 2* Built-in electronics (already inside the toy)


1. Before use, check whether the waterproof gasket of the battery cover is fixed in place, and whether the screws are tightened. Do not pull the tail of the fish during use. The small fish swims by swinging on the tail, and the copper wire of the tail is broken, and the small fish cannot swim! After use, remember to take the fish out of the water and dry it, take out the battery and store it in a dry place for future use!!!

2. If the fish is flooded, please don't worry, first open the battery cover and take out the battery, wipe off the water stains, wait for the fish to dry and put it back into the new electronic fish! ! !

3. When replacing the button battery, the positive and negative polarities must not be reversed; if there is water in the fish before changing, remember to wipe it clean; check whether the waterproof pad is firm, and the screws should be tightened to prevent water seepage.

4. Small fish are electronic toys that are not as real as real fish. Please do not leave them in the water for a long time. It is easy to cause damage to small fish. If the situation is serious, it will cause irreversible damage to small fish





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Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Maia Veum

Product does not correspond to the description, it moves in one direction, not satisfied. I recommend it anyway.

Ana Schowalter

never had any battery's with it.

Cleveland Krajcik

My cat loved it but both fish (I bought 2) stopped working after 3 days. I changed batteries (twice, the second time with a brand new battery package) to no avail. Now, one of them flashes in the water, the other one is very dead with a broken battery door. Glad I didn't pay full price. A waste of money.

Kory Kassulke

Works, very entertaining for the girl

Alana O'Conner

Superb little fish, it also lights up when it goes in the water my cat was really delighted