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Fuers Tuya Smart WIFI 4G GSM Alarm System Burglar Alarm 433MHZ Wireless Wired Zone Link To Alexa Google Motion Sensor IP Camera

Fuers Tuya Smart WIFI 4G GSM Alarm System Burglar Alarm 433MHZ Wireless Wired Zone Link To Alexa Google Motion Sensor IP Camera

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Brand Name: Fuers

Origin: Mainland China

Smart home platform: Tuya

Alarm Type: The Alarm

Alarm Type: sms

Alarm Type: Apps Control

Size: 180*133*27mm

Connection Type: WireLess

Power: AC100-240V

Video Interface: No

Display: Yes

Arming Type: APP

Zone Number: 100

Certification: CE

Kit Configuration: Door/Window Sensor

Output Number: 5 phone numbers

Password Keyboard: Yes

Model Number: W210

GSM frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Wireless Frequency: 315/433/868/915Mhz

Wireless coding: eV1527

Feature 1: Tuya Smart APP or Smart Life APP control

Feature 2: Color digital display screen, alarm state at a glance

Feature 3: Eight languages switchable

Feature 4: Four wired zones can support a variety of wired detectors

Feature 5: W210 Alarm 2.4Ghz WIFI + 2G GSM

Feature 6: W214 Alarm 2.4Ghz WIFI + 4G

Fuers Tuya Smart Alarm System Alexa WIFI Burglar Alarm Smart Home GSM Alarm System with Color LCD Display Home Security Motion Sensor


◆ Provide digital color and LCD screen, and host status can be clear seen.
◆ Supporte WIFI(2.4Ghz).
◆ W210 Supporte WIFI + 2G GSM Card(You can't use the SIM card 2G network to connect to the APP).
◆ W214 Supporte WIFI + 4G GSM Card(You can't use the SIM card 4G network to connect to the APP).The frequency of W214 4G is only available in the European region. If you are unsure, you can contact us to confirm before placing an order.

◆ Mobile APP can be connected witht WiFi. The APP is easy to operate and can quickly enter into use without querying cumbersome instructions.
◆ 4G dual-net alarm supports APP prompt, SMS, voice monitoring to ensure stable and reliable alarm performance.
◆ Up to 50 remote controls and 100 wireless detectors learn the storage location.
◆ Support doorbell and welcome device, expanding the application in shops and offices.
◆ All accessories can be equipped with human body induction, door magnetism, smoke, gas, emergency button, water immersion, doorbell, and welcome device.
◆ Support power-off alarm and call reminder.
◆ With four wired defense zones, it supports many wired detectors.
◆ Daily operation records and alarm records can be stored and checked.
◆ Automatic timing of GSM network to ensure that the clock is always accurate.
◆ The call function supports 5 groups of alarm telephone numbers.
◆ SMS function supports 5 groups of SMS numbers.
◆ User deployment and withdrawal, and host alarm will be pushed to APP.
◆ Regular deployment and withdrawal.

A combination of classic and advanced alarm system

W210 alarm system can support WIFI + GSM Dual mode, W214 alarm system can support WIFI +4G GSM Dual mode ,Tuya Smart APP or Smart Life APP control.
Its color LCD screen, so that the alarm state at a glance

Tuya Smart to make your home smarter !

Support 8 languages, the language version of the Alarm System no longer needs to be selected.

English, Russian, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Chinese.
You can switch languages at will in the Tuya APP.

Tell you exactly what's going on in which area !

You can change the name of the area where different accessories are located in the APP, so you can know exactly which area is sounding the alarm.

5 groups phone-call phone number and message reciver phone number.

You can set 5 phone-call phone number and 5 message reciver phone number.

You can choose the arm/disarm SMS notification to grasp the host state in the first time when you're outside.

larm Host Description:

Support 50 remote controllers + 100 wireless detectors + 4 wired detectors.

You can choose door window contact detector, motion detector, animal immune detector, smoke detector, gas leakage detector, water leakage detector, vibration detector, glass broken detector, and so on...

Product working principle

When someone triggers door sensor or infrared detector, the smoke detector detects smoke, the gas detector detected gas leak, immediately send signal to the GSM host , trigger 110 dB alarm sound immediately to inform the security or neighbors, send alarm phone call and SMS remotely to inform the owner in a timely manner to deal with it.

Indoor camera with automatic tracking

With the camera, when the sensor triggers the alarm, we can immediately turn on the camera to check the situation at home, and the camera can store and play back the video, which is more convenient for us to catch the thief.

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