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General technical information:

- Transmission power: ≤10dBm - The sensor emits signals with a power not exceeding 10 dBm.

- Operating voltage: DC 3V - Works on low voltage 3V.

- Installation method: Wall - The sensor is installed on the wall.

- Power consumption in standby mode: ≤10uA - It consumes very little power in standby mode, less than 10 microamps.

- Operating temperature: -25˚C to +55˚C - It works in a temperature range from -25˚C to +55˚C, which allows use in various environments.

- Low pressure alarm: 2.6 V - The sensor triggers an alarm when the battery voltage is low, which makes it possible to replace the battery in time.

- Operating current: ≤30mA - During operation, it consumes a maximum of 30 mA of current.

- Appearance size: 52.6x39.8x13.8 mm - The sensor has dimensions of 52.6 mm x 39.8 mm x 13.8 mm.

- Battery life: > 1 year (20 times/day) - The battery has a long life that allows operation for more than one year when used 20 times a day.

Network Features:

- Wireless protocol: Zigbee - Communicates via the Zigbee wireless protocol, allowing easy connection with other devices.

- Transmission frequency: 2.4 GHz - Transmits signals at a frequency of 2.4 GHz.

- Communication distance: 200m - It has a communication distance of up to 200 meters, which enables reliable communication at a distance.

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