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Advanced Keychain Spy Camera: Your Covert Surveillance Solution

Advanced Keychain Spy Camera: Your Covert Surveillance Solution

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Stealthy Car Alarm Keychain Spy Camera PRO - Professional HD Surveillance from Taiwan

Discover the ultimate in covert surveillance with our advanced Keychain Spy Camera PRO. Discreetly hidden in a car alarm box keychain, this professional HD spycam from Taiwan stands out from the competition thanks to its user-friendly design, durable materials, and exceptional image quality. Capture high-quality footage with ease, and never compromise on security.

Introducing the Keychain Spy Camera PRO, ingeniously concealed within a car alarm box keychain. This professional HD spycam hailing from Taiwan sets itself apart with its remarkable ease of use, robust materials, and exceptional lens quality.

**How to Use the Keychain Spycam:**
Our keychain spy camera functions as both a camera and a video recorder. Located on the top of the keyring, you'll find three buttons. The top button activates the camera mode, while the others allow you to start recording videos or capturing photos. To stop the key fob spycam and save your files, simply press the top button, and the data will be stored on the included SD card.

**Enhanced Light Sensitivity:**
Our Keychain Camera PRO boasts improved light sensitivity, in addition to its impressive 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. It operates with a minimal 0.4 lux requirement, making it ideal for recording in low-light or near-dark conditions. This makes it the standout choice among spycams, as most typically require an average of 3.3 lux.

**Playback and File Management:**
Playback your captured images and videos with ease. You can use our optional media player or play the files directly via your computer. When connected to your computer, it recognizes the HD camera as an external hard drive, allowing you to use a standard media player. No special software or drivers are needed, and you can also copy the files to your computer effortlessly.

**Taiwanese Quality Assurance:**
Our camera is manufactured to the highest standards in Taiwan, a hub for professional mini camera models. You'll immediately notice the difference compared to Chinese alternatives, evident in the product's build quality and image clarity, as well as the user-friendly design.

**Key Features:**
- Simple operation
- Up to 1.5 hours of continuous filming on a rechargeable battery
- Wide 78-degree viewing angle
- 1080P HD video recording at 1920 x 1080 pixels and 30 fps
- 5-megapixel photo capture
- 4.3mm mini-lens
- Optional vibration alert
- Exceptional low light sensitivity of 0.4 Lux F2.0
- Date and time stamp for easy reference

**Package Contents:**
- Keychain Spy Camera PRO
- Keyring
- 4 GB micro SD card
- USB cable
- Instruction manual

Elevate your surveillance capabilities with our Keychain Spy Camera PRO, built for excellence.
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