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The world's thinnest audio voice activated pen

The world's thinnest audio voice activated pen

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Aesthetic and Effortless: Discreet Voice-Activated Pen with 16-Hour Battery Life

Experience the perfect fusion of style and functionality with our sleek audio recorder pen. Designed to blend seamlessly into any setting, this pen allows you to record important moments while still serving its primary purpose as a writing instrument. Whether you're a secret shopper, journalist, private investigator, or dealing with personal matters like family disputes or child custody cases, this audio recording device is an invaluable tool. Activate the voice-activated recording (VAR) mode, and let it capture every sound. With an upgraded battery that lasts up to 16 hours, you can trust that nothing will go unnoticed.

How does the Voice-Activated Sleek Audio Recorder Pen work?

Our slim and covert voice recorder pen surpasses expectations with its simplicity and effectiveness. Slide down the silver clip to start recording, and slide it back up to stop. It's truly as effortless as that! Recent updates have made using the voice activation feature even easier, with enhanced sound-level triggering control and simplified quality settings adjustment.

Setting the time is a breeze. Mac users can do it with a text document, while Windows users can utilize our proprietary time setup program, which allows you to choose between continuous recording or voice activation mode. Additionally, you have the flexibility to adjust the sensitivity level based on the ambient noise in your surroundings.

For those who prefer the older model's method of using headphones and a remote to switch recording modes and quality, rest assured that this functionality remains available in the new version. You can still listen to and delete files directly from the pen, or download recordings to a Mac or Windows computer using the provided cable.

Why choose our Sleek Audio Recorder Pen?

Our sleek recorder pen is a game-changer for students and professionals who need a convenient and efficient way to capture meetings and lectures without the hassle of bulky equipment that drains batteries and clutters workspace.

With its stealthy design, you won't have to worry about indicator lights drawing attention or compatibility issues. Simply plug the USB adapter into any computer to transfer files or charge the pen.

Boasting a 16-hour battery life, 35 hours of storage in high-quality (HQ) mode, and a quick 2.5-hour recharge time, this pen ensures you can record anytime, anywhere.


Never miss a crucial moment again with the lightning-fast one-touch voice recording feature of this stylish pen. Whether you're caught off guard or need to discreetly document important conversations, this sleek device is designed to deliver on-demand recording capability. What sets it apart is that it not only functions as a covert voice recorder but also serves as a fully functional writing pen, making it an essential tool for anyone seeking versatility and convenience.


The professional and elegant audio recorder pen is perfect for a wide range of scenarios. It excels at capturing conversations, school lectures, business meetings, incidents of verbal abuse, and interactions related to child custody or legal matters. You can even rely on it for recording verbal interactions with law enforcement. Its compact size and portability make it ideal for on-the-go recording, while its ability to write ensures you can effortlessly take notes in class or during work meetings.


This exceptional device boasts a range of features that elevate its performance and usability. Recorded files can be conveniently date and time stamped, allowing for easy organization and retrieval. Its discreet design features a simple on/off switch without any conspicuous lights, ensuring seamless covert recording. The device allows for effortless downloading of recordings to both Windows and Mac computers. With its built-in embedded amplified microphone, it captures crystal-clear voice recordings. You can switch between voice-activated and continuous recording modes depending on your specific needs. In XHQ, HQ, or LP modes, it offers continuous recording for up to 16-20 hours. The stylish pen doubles as a covert voice recorder, combining functionality with a sleek appearance. You can adjust the record quality settings to choose between XHQ, HQ, or LP modes, optimizing sound quality for different situations. Starting and stopping recordings is as simple as flicking a switch, with an impressive audio pick-up range of 40 feet in optimal conditions. The device boasts a fast 2.5-hour recharge rate and comes with a built-in 1GB memory that can store up to 17 hours in XHQ, 35 hours in HQ, and 71 hours in LP mode.

Embrace the power of seamless recording with this remarkable audio recorder pen. Its combination of elegance, ease of use, and advanced features make it an invaluable tool for professionals and individuals alike. Capture every important moment effortlessly, and enjoy the convenience of a functional writing pen all in one device.

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