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Hidden GSM Bug Found in Real Power Extension Cord: Security Alert PK-PRO K+

Hidden GSM Bug Found in Real Power Extension Cord: Security Alert PK-PRO K+

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GSM interception in the PK-PRO K+ extension

Comparison of GSM wiretapping according to sound quality

Common wiretapping 
(N9, etc.)
regular analog 2 - 3m
LONGLIFE / VARIO regular analog 3 - 4m
LONGLIFE+ / VARIO+ regular analog 4 - 5 m
FOR K+ professional Knowles 5 - 7m
GLITTER PRO 2.0 MEMS 10 - 15m
The GSM bug in the extension is very well camouflaged. Due to constant charging from the mains, it is suitable for continuous operation. The noise detection function ensures that the handset automatically calls you when it detects noise in its surroundings that exceeds 45 dB.

Key Features:

  • the highest sound quality using Knowles low noise microphone with preamplifier
  • listening in real time at a completely unlimited distance
  • suitable listening for long-term monitoring - the product is constantly powered from the mains
  • all sockets are fully functional

Alternative products:

  • We also offer a cheaper listening-in-extender version , but it has about 30% worse sound quality.
  • If you want a truly professional device, check out the WiFi audio recorder-in-extender that can record audio and send it to the cloud
When you need reliable and high-quality listening, an extension cord is the best choice. To activate wiretapping, simply insert any SIM card (with PIN disabled). Two tapping options will be available.
  • by calling the SIM card
  • accepts a call in the event of a noise-activated automatic callback
Thanks to the combination of excellent camouflage, very high sound quality and the possibility of continuous operation, the GSM eavesdropper in the PK-PRO K+ extension quickly became one of the most popular eavesdroppers
  in our offer.

Factors affecting the quality of the audio transmission from the earpiece in the extension

  • The quality of the microphone used - if the quality of the audio input to the listening module is not sufficient, you will never get good results again. That's why we use Knowles' low-noise microphones with built-in preamps, which are among the best in the world.
  • Microphone placement - even the best microphone placed in an extension cord will turn a call into an unintelligible murmur. Therefore, the microphone in our extension is pulled out into a miniature, pre-drilled hole, which ensures very good intelligibility.
  • Network Interference - If an integrated power supply circuit is used in the headset, the sound quality will be degraded due to network interference. That's why we use an external power supply circuit that completely eliminates interference.

Package Contents:

  • GSM handset in extension PK-PRO K+


Way of communication GSM / 3G
Battery life Fixed connection to the distribution system
Consumption during a call 100-150 mA
Standby consumption 2 - 3 mA
Consumption for noise detection 20 - 30 mA
Standby time Unlimited
Possibility of continuous operation when connected to electricity. network And
The possibility of connecting to electricity for continuous operation And
Phone number filter Yes
Activation by vibration sensor Yes
Voice activation And
Operator support Everything
Endurance during continuous listening Unlimited
Duration of automatic activation mode Unlimited
Charging time And
The maximum distance from the microphone about 7 meters
Number of microphones 1x Knowles low noise microphone
Reaching out Unlimited
Information on instructions in English

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At the same time, you can find a lot of tips and tricks in the Technical advice section .
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